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Our Premium Non-Food Catering Supplies

Premier Wholesale Foods offers an extensive range of non-food products, selected to streamline your operations and ensure impeccable hygiene and service.

Setting the Standard in Cleanliness and Hygiene

Our comprehensive range of cleaning and janitorial supplies is designed to meet and exceed your high standards:

  • Multipurpose Cleaners and Sprays
    The backbone of maintaining a spotless environment, our multipurpose cleaners and sprays are trusted by professionals for their effectiveness.
  • Bleach
    A powerful tool in disinfection, our quality bleach ensures that your premises remain safe and sanitized.
  • Washing Up Liquid
    Ensure your dishwashing process is not only efficient but also environmentally friendly with our quality washing up liquid. Sponges and Cloths: These unsung heroes of cleanliness are built for durability and efficacy in tackling any mess.
  • Latex Gloves
    Protect your hands and maintain impeccable hygiene with our latex gloves, essential in the kitchen and for various cleaning tasks. Hand Washes: Promote hand hygiene with our range of hand washes, available in various formulations to suit your specific needs.
  • Mops and Accessories
    Our mops and accessories are designed for efficiency, making sure your floors are as clean and inviting as the rest of your establishment.
  • Toilet Rolls, Blue Roll, and Hand Towels
    Ensure that your restrooms are well-stocked with our quality paper products, promoting comfort and hygiene.

Streamline Service with Premium Disposables

The modern catering landscape demands convenience and efficiency. Our range of disposables simplifies your operations and enhances the overall customer experience:

  • Takeaway Food Containers
    From burger boxes to chip trays, kraft bowls, lunch boxes, soup containers, and pizza boxes, our selection combines form and function to ensure the safe and stylish delivery of your food.
  • Hot Cups and Lids
    Our hot cups and lids keep your hot beverages at the perfect temperature and ensure spill-free service.
  • Cutlery
    High-quality disposable cutlery ensures that your guests can enjoy their meals without compromise, even when dining on the go.
  • Smoothie Cups and Straws
    Whether you’re serving up smoothies or a variety of beverages, our cups and straws combine practicality and aesthetic appeal.

Catering Disposables:

We also provide a comprehensive range of catering disposables to meet your needs. Choose from Dart hot drink cups, Conex clear cups for smoothies, takeaway food containers, and paper packaging options. These disposables are designed to enhance convenience and efficiency in your catering operations.

Why Choose Our Non-Food Supplies?

  • Quality and Reliability
    Our products are chosen for their quality and reliability, ensuring they meet the high standards of the catering and hospitality sector.
  • Efficiency in Operations
    Our disposables are designed to simplify your service, enhance efficiency, and elevate your guests’ experience.

Elevate Your Service, Elevate Your Success

Make Premier Wholesale Foods your partner in delivering excellence in the catering and hospitality sector. Our non-food products are meticulously selected to simplify your operations, maintain cleanliness, and enhance the overall experience for your customers.