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Discover Our Range of Frozen Desserts

From whole and pre-sliced cakes and cheesecakes, classic treats to individual desserts, all designed for the convenience of food service while delivering exceptional quality, we’ve got something for everyone!

A World of Choice

Designed to add a dash of excitement to any dessert menu. No matter if you’re into timeless classics or desserts that steal the spotlight, our range caters to all tastes and budgets.

Options to Suit Everyone

  • Cakes
    From pre-sliced coffee shop classics to authentic Italian patisserie and everything in-between.
  • Cheesecakes
    Classic vanilla and Baked New York cheesecake to the more indulgent white chocolate and honeycomb or fruity little numbers like classic strawberry or passionfruit. 
  • Classic Desserts
    We have a whole host of classic favourites like tiramisu, crème brûlée or sticky toffee and bread pudding. It’s like a sweet trip down memory lane.
  • Individual Ice Cream and Desserts
    Our individual desserts are perfect for food service. Our range covers freezer-to-table, defrost-required treats, and hot puddings – all designed for quality and convenience.

Our frozen desserts aren’t just for fancy restaurants; they’re perfect for teashops, cafes, and anywhere that wants to sprinkle a little magic onto their dessert menu.

Custom Dessert Menus

For our dessert-loving partners, we offer custom dessert menus tailored to your exact requirements. Please note that dessert menus are available subject to minimum (but very reasonable) purchasing requirements.

Why Choose Our Frozen Desserts?

  • Quality and Variety
    Our desserts come in all shapes and flavours, making sure there’s something for everyone.
  • Easy and Fun
    Serving up delightful desserts has never been this easy. Serve exceptional quality with minimum fuss.
  • Affordable
    Our desserts are all about affordable luxury, quality and flavour.