Premier Wholesale Foods stocks a full range of cakes and desserts to suit many different styles of dessert offerings. The range of cheesecakes, gateau’s, tortes, and cakes are available whole or pre-portioned. There is a range of classic imported Italian desserts such as profiteroles scuro and bianco tray, tiramisu, trancio amaretto, torta foresta nera.

The freezer to table range is comprehensive consisting of desserts such as filled givrees, coppas, tartufos, cassatta etc. there is a traditional range of hot puddings from Roberts including sticky toffee pudding, treacle sponge, rich chocolate pudding and an Italian soufflé cioccolato. Ministry of cakes supply a range of fruit topped traditional cheesecakes.

Dessert menus can be created free of charge for customers wishing to list our desserts and ice creams. These menus can also showcase your coffees, liquors and your own homemade desserts.


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