Premier Wholesale Foods supplies a comprehensive range of around 55 ice cream and sorbet flavours across three ice cream manufacturers. Premier wholesale Foods is the main supplier of ice Cream in Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey and Kent for new forest ice cream, Disotto ice cream and Kelly’s of Cornwall. New Forest Ice Cream has a range of 4 litre catering ice cream, 4.5 litre Napoli scooping ice cream and half Napoli sorbets.

New Forest Ice Cream have received great taste gold awards for some of its Ice Cream and sorbet flavours. Premier Wholesale Foods also supplies a wide range of impulse ice creams including strawberry splits, maxi choc, super5, mister bobble, dairy cones, highball, milk chocolate Supremes, dark and milk chocolate Supremes, rocket lollies and 120ml spoon in lid tubs.

Premier Wholesale Foods supplies Disotto Ice Cream Napoli range of twenty flavours. The Disotto family describes their delicious range as ‘passionately Italian since 1962’ Premier Wholesale Foods is also a supplier of Kelly’s of Cornwall Napoli scooping range with new flavours such as Eaton mess and cherry pie and custard. There is a comprehensive range of Ice Cream cones and Ice Cream accessories which include sugar cones, waffle cones, tulip cones, Cadbury’s flakes, wax tubs, spoons and sauces.


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