Premier Wholesale foods ambient selection of condiments and sauces consists of a complete range of the Lion brand catering sauces in 2.27 litre tubs, 1 litre squeezy Crucial sauce selection, sauce sachets, chutneys, pickles, relishes and numerous sizes of mayonnaise.

There are also a range of bulk 4 litre table sauces, jams and honey. The ambient grocery range consists of vegetable oils, vinegars, cooking wines, flours, sugars, stocks, gravy, rice, pasta, oriental and deli ingredients.

Tinned goods consist of tuna, tomatoes chopped and whole, sweetcorn, solid pack fruit, fruit in syrup, and tinned meats. There is a wide range of cold beverages, canned and bottled drinks including coca cola, pepsi, Fanta, sprite, oasis, red bull etc.


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