Premier Wholesale Foods offers a comprehensive range of cheese; this range consists of catering mature cheddar, catering mild cheddar, grated mature cheddar and regional British cheese such as stilton and red Leicester. There is a wide range of continental cheese including brie, camembert, goat’s cheese, gorgonzola, grana padano. The dairy selection is a comprehensive range of fresh local Sussex eggs, butter, margarine, milk, creams, yogurts and custard.

The meats charcuterie and deli range consists of a wide range of traditional whole and half ham joints, sliced hams, rindless bacons, rind on English bacons, cooked 100% meat joints, sliced charcuterie, whole charcuterie sticks consisting of salamis, parma ham, serrano ham, pepperoni, pastrami etc. There is also a range of fresh pates, local Sussex game, cold cutting pies, pork pies, pasties and fresh sausage rolls.


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